Access Point Monitoring: 1 Simple Way to Achieve Lasting Peace of Mind

Access Point Monitor on a white, vinyl fence

A to Z Quality Fencing introduces an exciting additional security feature for your business or home – the Perimify™ access point monitoring system. Installed with all A to Z Quality Fencing vinyl and aluminum fence installations, it provides peace of mind regarding gate breaches via automatic notification alerts. Whether at home, work, or on vacation, this system offers significant benefits regarding convenience, personal safety, and security. With Perimify™, businesses or homeowners have one more tool in their arsenal for protecting their property from intruders. Read on for more information about how this excellent product can help give you greater confidence when safeguarding your most valuable asset – your home or business!

Access Point Monitoring with Perimify™ showing a property monitoring different gates at the entry of the property and the pool.

Introducing Perimify™: a new access point monitoring system

At A to Z Quality Fencing, we always strive to provide the best products and services. So we’re proud to announce the addition of the Perimify™ access point monitoring system to our vinyl and aluminum fence installations that help give businesses and homeowners peace of mind. The easy-to-install Perimify™ system notifies the company or homeowner whenever an access point (like a gate) opens, closes, or is left open, allowing them to stay informed at all times.

How Perimify™ helps to enhance your property’s security

Having peace of mind about your property security is essential, and having the right features to help provide it can make a big difference. With Perimify™, businesses and homeowners can now access an advanced monitoring system that alerts them when gates open or close. This information lets you immediately address any unknown activity around your property and gives you the security of knowing you’re receiving notifications as soon as something happens. 

The access point monitoring system works by installing access point monitors (APMs) on all fence gates. The APMs communicate wirelessly (within a 1500 ft. range) with a hub that alerts when a gate opens, closes, or is left open.

In addition, with a monthly subscription service, the access point monitoring system provides users with real-time status and activity notifications via their mobile devices. As a result, not only is Perimify™ providing an extra layer of protection around your property, but its subscription service facilitates greater flexibility in managing entry and exits.

Features of Perimify™

Picture of Perimify™ components and specification details.

A to Z Quality Fencing now automatically provides vinyl and aluminum fence owners an extra layer of security with Perimify™. The access point monitoring system comes packed with features that make it the perfect fit for any home, such as mobile notifications, identity of event locations, indoor alarms, and an extended range of operation – allowing you to keep an eye out from afar! Added features like extreme battery life (up to 8 years!) and no other equipment necessary make it highly convenient! And for those who require a highly customizable system – take comfort in knowing that you can set custom notifications per user and link units together to expand your coverage. Finally, all APMS come sealed in a weather-resistant, polycarbonate enclosure to protect against outdoor elements.

Understanding Access Point Alerts

The Perimify™ access point monitoring system will alert you if your gates have been opened or closed through the attached hub chimes. In addition, you receive a 30-day free trial of the mobile push notification subscription after your fence installation, which lets you know when a gate opens, closes, or is left open.

With the real-time access point monitoring subscription, for only $40/year, you can get instant notifications about who is accessing your fence and their activity at each gate. So whether you need to know when contractors are coming and going from a job site or when your children come home from school, Perimify™ has you covered.

FAQs about Perimify™

Perimify™ is only available through authorized retailers; luckily, A to Z Quality Fencing is the exclusive dealer in Minnesota and one of two dealers in Wisconsin. As a Perimify™ PRO building a custom system for a customer with each vinyl or aluminum installation, A to Z Quality Fencing pairs APMs with the system Hub through a simple setup process at the end of your fence installation.

While A to Z Quality Fencing installs APMs on gates, the Perimify system works in multiple applications. APMs are built for outdoor use and will withstand extreme weather conditions. Wirelessly mount them on gates, parcel boxes, garage doors, guesthouses, sheds, barns, campers/RVs, and more. Homeowners enjoy Perimify, as do property managers, facility directors, and groundskeepers. Install the Perimify system at:

– Churches

– Storage Facilities

– Schools

– Municipal Properties

– Farms

– Zoos

– Animal Hospitals and Veterinarians

– Humane Societies

– Hospitals

– Adult Memory Care Facilities

– Child Daycare Facilities

– Hotels

– Golf Courses

A to Z Quality Fencing will install Perimify™ on cedar fences for an additional fee. In addition, Perimify™ is available for purchase in the A to Z Fence Supplies store.

In Conclusion

At A to Z Quality Fencing, we proudly introduce Perimify™ to add extra security and privacy for businesses and homeowners with new vinyl or aluminum fence installations. This advanced access point monitoring system helps homeowners remain alert of any unauthorized openings of gates and access points in their fenced-in areas. Not only is the technology behind Perimify™ cutting-edge and efficient, but it’s also easy to install and user-friendly. We hope these tips help you set up a secure access point monitoring system at your property. If you have any additional questions about Perimify™, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here to help ensure your fences are well-protected!


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