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The Best Fence Materials For Your Needs

    When purchasing a fence one of the most important decisions is what fence materials best suit your needs. At A to Z Quality Fencing we use many types of materials….but all materials that we use, you can be assured, are the highest quality on the market. Today we will focus on four main fencing materials: cedar fencing, aluminum ornamental fencing, chain link fencing and vinyl fencing.

    Fence materials - cedar

    Cedar privacy with lattice top

    1. Cedar fencing is a great product to use for almost any fence project. It lasts between 15-20 years; can be stained or painted or just left to naturally weather a grey color. Cedar is easily customized so anything you can imagine can be created by A to Z Quality Fencing. Cedar fencing can be built with open pickets or the pickets closer together, which lends itself more toward privacy. The top edge of the pickets can be crafted as dog-eared, country picket (pointed) or scalloped – either concave or convex. Another option would be to add some lattice-work to the top edge of the cedar fence.Many subdivisions only allow natural roofing, siding and fencing and our cedar fence meets this regulation. Cedar fencing will not be the cheapest option but it will not be the most expensive option.Keep in mind that A to Z Quality Fencing builds everything on site to match your landscape…not cheap fencing sections thrown up in your yard.
    2. fence materials - aluminum

      ornamental aluminum pool fence with gate

      Aluminum ornamental fencing is a great way to set your property out from the others. A good aluminum ornamental fence can bring an elegance to your property and home that no other fence can. These fences are popular around swimming pools and main entrances with gates. At A to Z Quality Fencing we offer a commercial-grade concealed fastener (no screws in sections) that will make your property the envy of the neighborhood. Aluminum ornamental comes in five different colors and has a lifetime warranty! Pricing on this fence is on the higher end of the range.

      fence materials - chain link

      Chain link fencing

    3. Chain link can be used in many situations but is not allowed in some subdivisions. Chain link can be galvanized or vinyl coated in black, brown or green. This fencing is great to keep pets and children in yards safely. It has a 15 year warranty and because it is the most economical, it is a favorite choice for families.
    4. fence materials - vinyl

      Vinyl fence with gate

      Vinyl fencing is quickly becoming the most popular material for fencing because of its maintenance free aspect. Install it, wash it and let it be. At A to Z Quality Fencing we are proud of our own line of vinyl fencing called American Manufactured Vinyl Fence. The entire fence, down to the last bolt, has been completely manufactured in the United States. We have several standard styles that will meet almost every need, and being our own manufacturer we can customize almost anything. From our privacy fencing, with or without accents, to our picket fences with custom tops, or our pool-side fences and railing….I am sure you will find a fence that meets your needs. Our vinyl fences come in both white and almond, and the best thing about them is its the last fence you will ever buy… comes with a lifetime warranty. While initially, it is on the higher end of the price range….over time, it is the most cost-effective fence.

    No matter what your needs or budget, A to Z Quality Fencing will have a fence for you. Check out the different fence materials and styles.

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