Can I remove a section of fence to gain access to my yard for future construction projects?

two guys installing an aluminum fence section

Yes, we have an option for to remove a section of fence for almost every fence style. However, it’s best to plan for this when designing your fence because certain fencing materials are harder to adjust or disassemble after installation.

Very little pre-planning is necessary for aluminum due to the fence’s construction. First, you take the screws out and then remove the entire section. When the construction project is complete, you screw the entire section back in place.

Similarly, a vinyl fence needs little pre-planning. However, the fence sections are not one piece. So instead, you disassembled the fence sections by removing the top rail, the pickets, the screws, and finally, the bottom rail. To reassemble, you add the bottom rail, insert the screws, pickets, and top rail.

For wood, if you request it, we build a removable panel where you want it that will be removed by pulling screws out. The whole section can be removed and replaced. Without a removeable panel, the cedar fence would need to be taken apart manually and this may damage boards, requiring replacement.

Chain link fencing is the most complicated because you must remove it at the beginning or end of a run and re-stretch it when reinstalling, which requires special tools. One way to avoid disassembly of your chain link fence is to include a gate sufficient in size for future construction equipment if this makes sense in your design.


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