Cedar Shadow Box Fence and Custom Storage Shed, Milwaukee, WI

A to Z Quality Fencing LLC of Kewaskum,WI completed an installation of 271′ of shadow box cedar fence with a concave scallop on top in Milwaukee, WI.  This fence was constructed of Northern White Cedar which because of its greater thickness of the materials, not only gives you a bolder look to your fence but helps in giving you a stronger fence that will last longer than most of our competitors and all of the big box stores.  A fence installed by A to Z Quality Fencing will be all constructed on your site so that it looks like it belongs.  All post will be set 36″ in ground in a 10″ concrete footing….except your gate post.  Your gate post will be a bigger post at 5″x5″ and will be set 48″ in ground in an concrete footing.  A to Z Quality Fencing is known for the best built gates in the industry with their fully framed gates that are hand built with 24 fasteners in our frame work.  Our gates will stand head and shoulders  above the competition.

We also built a custom storage shed for this same customer.  With the completely treated floor framework, 3/4″ tongue and groove flooring, 16″ on center wall joist, 12″ on center floor joist and custom built doors makes this a great addition to your back yard.

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