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Cedar Fence Material Arrives

    Highest Quality Cedar Fence Materials

    We received a new shipment of some really nice looking Northern White Cedar fence materials from Michigan this week. And man does this stuff look nice. The rails are actually a true 2″x4″!! You just don’t see that type of quality cedar for fencing in Wisconsin any more… and the pickets are a full 7/8″ thick!! When you compare this type of lumber to the big box stores pickets, (which are barely 9/16″ and only that so the manufacture doesn’t have to call them 1/2″), it’s  easy to see what lumber you’d rather have for your cedar fence. In fact, most of the store lumber isn’t even actual Northern White Cedar.It’s an inferior product called “incense cedar” which doesn’t have the same anti-rot properties that the northern white does. This lumber isn’t fresh cut either so we don’t see the shrinkage problems that you have with some of that other lumber.

    So when thinking about your new cedar fence, think about giving A to Z Quality Fencing in West Bend, Wisconsin a call and take a look at our outstanding selection of cedar fence options.

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