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Fencing Options: The Shadow-box Fence is Aesthetically Pleasing

    shadow box fence with concave scallop

    Shadow box fence is a great option to meet your fencing needs!

    Homeowners generally purchase a fence for one of two reasons – to keep people out or to keep their pets or children from straying too far from their homes. Whatever the reason, when it comes time, there are generally three distinct fencing options.

    1. 6' shadow box fencing options The first and cheaper alternative is the chain link fence which serves both purposes well but provides a terribly ugly look to your front or back yard.
    2. Your second fencing option is to purchase a wood fence which will generally cost a little more, but will provide you with all of the necessary protection of a fence but without the obtrusive look of chainlink.
    3. Finally, you may decide to go with a vinyl fence. You know what they say – “vinyl is final”, (if it’s installed correctly).
    6' dog eared shadow box fencing options

    When you think about a wood fence, you can narrow down your choices even further by the variety of different wooden fence choices available.

    Of the wood fences, one of the most popular is the shadow-box fence. This fence, unlike many other wood fences, is aesthetically pleasing to both yourself and your neighbors surrounding you. Because of its alternating board placement on the front and the back of the fence’s structure, the shadow-box looks exactly the same from the view from your house as it does from any neighbor’s homes around you. Furthermore, after you are finished with the construction of your fence, you can stain it to match any outdoor furniture you may have or to match your home itself.

    4' dog eared shadow box fencing options

    As with any fence, there are some advantages and disadvantages to the shadow-box fence. Firstly, since there are small gaps between each of the boards due to their alternating nature, the fence is able to let wind pass through meaning that a strong gust will not blow a shadow-box over.  Also, the shadow-box fence is built in such a way that you can cement the posts into the ground for added durability. However, the drawback of a shadow box lies in the boards themselves.  Depending on the wood choice, a shadow-box fence’s boards may warp or turn over the years since they are not supported on the sides by any other boards.

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