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Install a Fence with the Right Equipment!

    When hiring a company to install a fence for you that not only meets your fencing and security needs, you also want to make sure your contractor has the proper equipment. The hardest part, and probably the most important part of installing a fence is digging the holes for the fence posts. So, today we are going to focus on the proper equipment for digging fence post holes.

    We here at A to Z Quality Fencing have five different pieces of equipment to dig the holes for setting your posts. Each tool has unique qualities that make them perfect for different jobs.

    1. install a fence with Dandy Digger

      Dandy Digger

      DANDY DIGGER: The Dandy Digger is the pride and joy of post hole digging equipment. It is capable of digging through almost anything…..even solid concrete and frost in the ground. Our Dandy Digger can get into almost any space you need to build a fence. It has two sets of balloon tires on the front and one set on the back to prevent making ruts in the grass. The two sets of balloon tires on the front also provides a 7′ “wing span” enabling us to dig along slopes. This machine articulates (bends in the middle) to turn instead of locking up the tires like a skid loader. Locking tires up to turn causes skidding which damages the lawn. We guarantee post holes are dug without extra charges for rock, rubble or underlying foundations. We can get the Dandy Digger into the work area on most of the jobs we do. The Dandy Digger can get into a 5′ space so it is quite versatile. Average Holes/Hour = 40

    2. install a fence with Gehl Advantage

      Gehl Advantage

      GEHL ADVANTAGE: The Gehl Advantage is our mini version of the Dandy Digger. It also articulates so we don’t tear up your grass. It doesn’t have the digging power that the Dandy Digger has….but is pretty good in its own right. It fits through a 42″ opening and use this tool on jobs the Dandy cannot get into. Average Holes/Hour = 15

    3. Little Beaver

      Little Beaver

      LITTLE BEAVER: On occasion we have a real tight area to dig or the slope of the land is just too steep to dig safely with the Dandy or Gehl. This is when we use the Little Beaver…it’s a one man manual post hole digger…..and it can dig! Average Holes/Hour = 8-10


    4. fence post hole digger - manual

      Hand Digger

      HAND DIGGERS: When holes are required to install a fence next to a building or closer than 24″ to underground utilities…then we use the old fashioned hand diggers or shovels. Average Holes/Hour = 5-6

    5. install a fence with rhino pounder

      Rhino Pounder

      RHINO POUNDER: When we install chain link fencing, sometimes post holes are needed where there is concrete slabs. We use the Rhino Post Pounder that pounds right through anything. We generally pound 4′ tall fences 48″ into the ground, 5′ fences 54″ into the ground and 6′ fences 50″ into the ground. All driven posts come with a 15 year warranty. There is absolutely no damage from pounding posts using the Rhino Pounder – no dirt to clean up and no grass to replant. Average Holes/Hour =  8-30

    So what ever your situation or needs, you can be assured A to Z Quality Fencing has the proper equipment to dig and set the posts for your fence. Please check out our FAQ section for answers to the most common customer questions.

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