We’re innovative to produce high-quality fencing!

Our horizontal boring machine drilling a post

Our fences are built to last and withstand the elements. We reinforce our posts with galvanized steel to create stronger posts, cleaner fence installations, and facilitate easier repairs. Galvanized steel doesn’t rust and helps extend the life of your fence.

To reinforce our wood posts, several years ago we designed and built a horizontal boring machine. It worked but took 9 – 10 minutes per post to bore the hole and was hard to keep straight.

With the help of Dyna Bignell products, Daryl Weaver, and his team, we’ve created a new horizontal boring machine that drills a perfectly straight hole 28″ deep in 42 seconds!!! Check out the above video to see the horizontal boring machine in action.

Besides improving the quality of the boreholes and improving our turn-around workflow times, this tool has led to other innovations in quality. With the use of the galvanized steel poles in our posts, we’ve also developed a no-mess installation process that involves using a hydraulic post pounder. No more unsightly dirt piles to clean up!


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