Know How Much Your Fence Will Cost Instantly

Build Your Fence in a Few Clicks

Use our virtual design tool to build your dream fence in a few clicks. Simply draw your fence on an aerial view of your property, and select your fence materials and style details. When finished, you’ll instantly know how much your fence will cost! 

Step by Step


1. Enter Contact Info

Enter your name, email, and mobile phone number. Press "Next." This information is required, so we know where to send a copy of your instant quote.

2. Add Site Address

Enter the address of the site where the fence is to be installed. Press "Find Your Home." This will pull up an aerial view of the property.

3. Draw the Fence

Draw your fence(s) on the aerial map of the property by using your finger (touch screens) or by using your mouse and placing the cross arrow where you want one section of the fence to start and clicking where you want that section to end (corner to corner). Repeat until the entire fence is drawn.

4. Add Gates

Once the fence is drawn, add any gates. (This calculates the approximate linear footage of the fence along with post and gate information.) Press "Next."

5. Pick Fence Materials

Select the material (vinyl, aluminum, cedar, or chain link) you want your fence built with and fill out all the additional fence style information. Press "Next."

6. Tweak Your Choices

At this point, an estimated range will appear for your fence. If you'd like to change your options, you can go back and do so. Once satisfied, hit "Next" to get your final quote. (The final quote will be sent to you after A to Z fence experts have reviewed it.)

Tip: If you want to start over and are having issues with the “Back to Homepage” button, press F5 or reload the page to refresh and begin again.