Chain Link Fencing Popular Choice In Wisconsin

Well, it appears winter is behind us. The temperatures are heading in the right direction and fencing season looks to be getting into full swing. Last week our crews started installing fencing again full time – so far, all chain link fencing here in Southeastern Wisconsin. We don’t expect to slow down until Mother Nature waves her magic wand again in December.

Last week we installed three chain link fences. The first one was a 6′ tall galvanized chain link installed in Beechwood, WI. The purpose for the fence was to keep two large dogs in. We used all SS20 framework , 2-1/2″ gate, corner and end post, 2″ line post and 1-5/8″ terminal post. Most of our competitors would have reduced cost by using a thinner walled residential tube instead of SS20 and most likely would have used 1-5/8″ line post as well as 1-3/8″ top rail. We also pound all the posts in the ground 48″ using a Rhino post pounder providing a warranty for 15 years. Pounding 48″ guarantees the post to be below frost levels to prevent heaving of the posts. Using the Rhino also makes for a clean install, no messy dirt to clean up and no grass to replant. The need for large heavy equipment is eliminated that can create ruts in the yard. And, did I mention it is warrantied for 15 years? This particular customer requested tension wire on the bottom to make it harder for the dogs to dig out and sneak under.

The second install was in Cudahy, WI. This was a 4′ galvanized chain link fence. The fences main purpose was to contain dogs as well as kids. Again, we used the 2-1/2″ gate, corners and end posts, 2″ line post, and 1-5/8″ top rail….no cheapening up on the 4′ fence either. All the post were all driven 48″ with the 15 year warranty and the clean installation on this job also. Although, we ran into a few underground utility issues with them being in the way of the fence line (we must stay 24″ away from all underground utilities). After our crew put their heads together with the customer and the issue was resolved satisfactorily.

chain link fencing brown

Our final chain link fencing install of the week was in Hartford, WI. This fencing installations purpose was to prevent others from entering the property as well protect the grand kids. It was a brown vinyl coated chain link. Adding the color of black, brown or green to the standard chain link helps take that commercial look away from it. As with all of our chain link, we use the heavier gauge SS20 framework with 2-1/2″ gate, corner and terminal post, 1-5/8″ top rail and all post driven 48″ with the 15 year warranty and clean installation!

chain link fencing gate in brown

As you can see, A to Z Quality Fencing installs different kinds of chain link fencing for various applications all over the Wisconsin area. Whether you need to keep animals in, protect your children or just mark property lines, we will not use a cheaper material. We will build you a quality chain link fence at a competitive price. We also install many other type of fences such as cedar, vinyl, aluminum ornamental and many horse fences.

If you or someone you know is thinking of a fence, give us at A to Z a Quality Fencing a call at 414-235-0173 or go directly to our interactive quote page and get an immediate online quote. Feel free to visit our indoor/outdoor show room at 6510 Aurora Rd Suite C, West Bend, Wisconsin.


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